Bouncing Animals V1.0 - Released 13th Oct 2009

Help guide Bear, Fox, Skunk, Hedgehog and Squirrel from the woods to the big city collecting food as you go. Will you succeed?

Focus and patience is needed if you are to bounce your way past interfering Owl and others, so watch out!

This ever so slightly silly twist on an arcade classic creates a blend of good old-fashioned addictive game play, fun images and sounds with iPhone/iPod’s unique accelerometer interface.

By tilting your iPhone/iPod you slide the big mushroom to cushion the blow of the animals bouncing high up for food. Play against the backdrop of real pictures as you help guide the animals on their quest to the big city. Watch out for interfering busy bodies with the sole intent of causing your animal to drop from the sky in an unpredicted way.

With 8 levels to complete it’s sure to become very addictive.

Device :iPhone and iPod touch
Minimum OS Requirements :3.0
Primary Category :Games, Arcade, Family
Copyright :Jason Croucher
Version Number : 1.0
Rating : 4+ Titles in this category contain no objectionable material.
Price Tier: 1US$0.99 £0.59 0,79€

We hope you enjoy playing Bouncing Animals, but if you have any ideas on improving it or support issues, please add a comment and we'll endeavor to respond.


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